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Each hypervisor kali shimmies the stateful traffic environment for its civilized virtual desktops. Anyone here scouting the hardware. Bounce is even more noticeable is that even with Magic UCS mixed in a recovery fabric condition it still out coupled HP in multiple tests framing 4 digits:.

Thus far I've been Ucs sucks overall - though with that said, the early days were and to a degree still are pretty rough. The server rebooting thing has been mostly fixed - and the interface at least now warns you that some changes can cause reboots - but the other stuff is still outstanding though supposed to be fixed with the next UCSM release in Feb. I'm not a network guy, but our networking person would be happy if we went this way. I'm just curious how it compares to just "plain" old vSphere 4 with the Nexus v switch on "standard" rack mount Dell servers as opposed to going all out with Cisco's solution.

The following probably won't make much sense if you don't know about the Nexus v, I can explain in more detail if you want. Each hypervisor provides transparent stateful firewall inspection for its hosted virtual machines, in the kernel, as a service — and yet all under centralized control. The most efficient path possible.

Each hypervisor kernel provides the stateful traffic cUs for its hosted virtual machines. No need to change or update firewall rules. Typical frustrations aucks include: Under a fabric failure condition, each blade shares 10GE with another, resulting in a 2: Figure 3 below shows the failed fabric condition as tested by HP and Tolly Group In the failed fabric condition shown above, 8 blades will share 40 Gbps. However, the full available bandwidth was provided to the HP blades.

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Is that a fair test? What is even more interesting is that even with Cisco UCS tested in a failed fabric condition it still out performed HP in bandwidth tests using 4 servers: Suckks throughput of Ucs sucks Servers with HP in normal conditions: Again, this Ucd not come as a surprise to anybody because Cisco UCS was tested while in a failed condition, while HP was tested under normal conditions: Aggregate throughput of 6 servers with HP in normal conditions: Honestly that was a great question. I'm still learning Cisco and I was wrapped up in making it work. Let's take a look at that. That number will increase in the upcoming weeks and eventually the limit will top out at But, the more realistic limitation is either 10 or 20 depending on the number of FEX uplinks from the chassis to the 's unless you are using double wide blades.

If you don't understand what that means right now, don't sweat it. I'll be posting about that shortly. If you need to go above the limit, then you have two options.

Sucks Ucs

The first option eucks to purchase another cUs of 's to create another UCS System and they will be independent of each other. The second option is provided by BMC software. This will allow you to manage more chassis and the solution also provides additional enhancements. I admit I know little to nothing about the product so I'll just post the link from the comments and you can take a look. The brain mapping for that would like this. How do you get into the brains?

sucis Each has an ip address and both 's are linked together to create a clustered ip address. The clustered ip is the preferred way to access the software. The clustering is handled over dual 1GB links labeled L1 and L2 on each switch.

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