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A rogue posted by Daniel Officer jonathanmead on Jun 30, at 6: Use what you wanted!.

Sure, I might have seen flexible pornstars once or twice, but that was it.

fucka Well, let me tell you. After finishing this list, not only am I fucking hard, but I refuse to date anyone but the hottest and most flexible girls out there. The reality on the other hand says otherwise and it gave me a fat bitch that is as flexible as a flesible. Anyway, there is no reason not to enjoy these videos or adult actresses. I do think that this is my new fetish, watching women bent over and stretched to the levels that only a piece of gum or wet paper towel could do. I will try to see how good my own girl is, but that is likely to result in broken spine or legs, at the least. Yes, she is flexible and yes, petite.

However, pretty much everyone has heard of her already and do know these facts. Which means more scenes, better scenes and hardcore porn in the future. Maybe ombre or sombre.

She seems very a split piece of plastic flexilbe you can avoid play around with. They look more transparent with their provocative sits in having cores and related bouncing outputs peeking out from their tight-fitting current and t-shirts. Indirectly shaped young investors in financial sports activities come to the gym for our regular flexible exercises.

Small perky tits that are okay, I guess but nothing to be proud of. However, we are talking about the flexibility there and fuck that, she is good. You can see her doing splits while the dick is still inside her and I can imagine that with a little bit of effort, she could even flex these legs even more. The only negative is that green bracelet. Then I kept on waiting and Vicki did deliver. Her legs could be bent by as many degrees as you want and the ending where she is getting fucked by Lee while the bottom part of her body is just floating midair, is hot. She is a Japanese, and we have a post covering nothing but the hottest and sexiest girls from the country of sushi, rice and good time.

If you are confused about the video above, then let me explain. You see, for most women, sucking cock with her legs not bent over ever so slightly is rather impossible. Also, the fact that is playing with her own pussy while ding that, shows how much of a muscle development all that flexibility did to her. By that I of course do mean her flexible body and the way she bends her legs. It might not be the best video to represent her, but you already have her name and just watch this whole fucking thing. I love her ass, I adore her pussy and want to lick the nipples.

Oh, I almost forgot about the personality. It is a scene of two whores getting fucked. This is a true team player, and bendable. She seems like a nice piece of plastic that you can just play around with. Her personality is easy-going, her butthole is always open for you and more importantly: JulesJordan 7Mia Malkova At this point we have already said everything that needs to be said about Mia. She is hot, knows how to suck cock really good and is just perfect. Imagine having her for a wife. After that I would back off a bit too much and overcorrect. This helped me recover, but I got too tentative and my progress stalled. Finding the right balance of pushing just beyond my abilities, but not too much was a process of trial and error I had to go through.

The more I just went through the motions or mentally checked out, the less progress I made. Breathe, smile and relax, even if it feels totally fucking fake. Care as much about the beginning and end as the middle.

I think this mistake is a really common, easy one to make. Make sure that the way you enter and exit the stretch is done with the same quality and attention as the stretch itself. Of course, the next Extremely flexible fucks to this is being able to actively lift your leg up into the splits while standing. Loaded stretching like the suspensions splits is still relying on an external force the weight of your body to accomplish the task. Being able to move into a range of motion with nothing more than your intrinsic strength is where the real magic is at. But working on loaded range of motion is a necessary first step.

Use what you gain! This seems obvious, right? Our bodies are only programmed to get better at whatever we actually do. The squat is a very functional pattern that most people need to rehab. Work on the source of your stiffness. Of course, this goes without saying but 1o minutes or even an hour of yoga every day is not going to counteract 10 hours of static postures such as sitting, more sitting, and maybe… sitting? If you want to learn more about improving your mobility at work, read this guide I wrote at GMB on how to counteract sitting all day.

Flexible fucks Extremely

Incorporating mobility targets In hindsight like all smart things I tucks this seems really obvious. So, guess what happened? Because it was completely subjective it seemed like I was running stretching? A video posted by Jonathan Mead jonathanmead on Jun 30, at 6: Jul 1, at 1:

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