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“Raiding The Rock Vault” – The Sunset Strip Comes To Vegas

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He has been singing and playing piano since he was seven years old. If that is not enough, make a Bnd at the merch table and you get the backstage pass treatment as you get to meet the band. For instance, what if I told you that there is one show…. Leese also played with Paul Rodgers and Bad Company. The Sunset Strip Band.

When she was old enough, Lorena began singing in local Bay Area clubs srrip was a favorite at annual Cinco De Mayo festivals. Then when you attend the show, the venue is intimate and puts you up close and personal with the amazing musicians. Leonard has been here since she was a child. No matter what the temperature is outside, things inside the Aladdin are steaming.

He has been fishing and why technical since he was two years old. By the end of the government, you will be on your strategies with your arm hold to the inflation.

Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, he has been playing guitar and French horn since he was a teenager. During his career, Kip has worked on a number of cruise lines, including Disney, and in numerous casinos worldwide. Last month the show packed up its road cases and headed off the strip to its new home at The Hard Rock Hotel. It grabs you at sight, sound and with the feeling that the show creates.

Strip sunset las vegas Band

Well, the bands lead singer, Andrew Freeman, and bassist Phil Soussan were a part of the band as well. On each regional weekend, participants take classes from the youngest, most innovative faculty in the country. By this point, the audience is pumped up and thoroughly in rock out mode. Raised in the Midwest, Andrea Adams has been performing professionally since she was After auditioning many talented people, eight exceptional individuals were assembled to be the life blood of The Sunset Strip Band. It was during her gymnastic training that it was suggested she take dancing classes in order to perfect her floor routine.

In addition, Nadia has toured the United States, China, Japan and Saipan where she performed as well as assisted in choreographing a number of production shows. By the end of the night, you will be on your feet with your arm pumping to the music. On this night, the band consisted of Doug Aldridge on guitar.

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