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Saving about 3 minutes I was doing pretty into it, and reliability out past Fukc when I woke my door creak listless. She had been out at a bar for her generation's contained vocabulary, and visually got home. Maybe dad switched shifts and saw to work days.

Drink plan was simple. Just start making her drinks stronger. I even thought of approaching some of the druggies in the neighborhood for some pills. But no, that scared me. What if I overdosed her? Nope, alcohol would work just fine. They were almost straight tequila! Mom gave me no reaction! My heart was beating miles an hour! I shook her shoulders, yelled her name, I even rolled and dropped her off the couch to the floor! She was all fucking mine!

I rolled her on her back and reached down to take off her shoes and gently massaged her ankles. My dick was so fucking hard! With both hands Drunnk ran them up and down her calves and then up to her knees a few times. I lifted her skirt up to her Fuck mom drunk. Mom always wore those full cut white panties. I guess they were the Fuck mom drunk FFuck then. I could see druk big puffy area of black hair covering my goal. I very lightly stroked her ,om with the back of mo fingers. It felt drukn it was all hair! My heart was rrunk even louder now!

And maybe even taste it! I bent down and put my nose to her crotch and inhaled long and slow. Ah, it was nice. I shook her again just to be sure. Then I reached up and slowly started to pull her panties down. She suddenly began to cough and groan. She was starting to wake up! Panic sliced right through me! She was lying on her back with her skirt up to her chin. She very slowly sat up which gratefully caused her skirt to fall down into place. Did she feel what I had done? Mom just sat there trying to get her bearings, and finally was able to focus on me. I saw that her eyes were really bloodshot and she was slightly swaying.

Yup, she was drunk, but not out. I quickly came to her side and said. Let me help you. Did she think I was Dad? More ideas flooded to my brain. All of them had to be forgotten because dad would be home within the hour. So I put my arms out for mom and she lunged forward, lost her balance and fell into my arms. I had to reach down to stop from falling over and found a nice soft handful of butt check. Ah, so nice… so soft… Mom let out a soft drunken chuckle and with my help continued to stumble towards her bedroom. I was so panic stricken and horny at the same time! Did mom really think I was dad?

Was all I could think of. And then she started snoring. I went for it. I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. Oh hell with it I thought, I might as well pull her panties off at the same time. After a few good tugs the skirt was off and her glorious butt was staring me in the face. I figured it was now or never… I grabbed one in each hand and just massaged and rolled them… I felt like I was gonna cum just by doing this!

Mom drunk Fuck

What would she think if she knew her good little boy was doing this to her? Since the room was dark… mom was drunk and passed out… her rear end was there for the taking… I said Fcuk it! I heard the sound of the key entering the door knob, and in seconds she closed the door behind her and was inside. Moj heard her walk up the stairs and go into her room. My dad had left us when I was boy, and ever since then she never moved on. Her getting out of the house and going to a bar tonight was actually a very rare occasion, and I was glad that she was socializing again.

I grabbed my laptop and started browsing the internet. Within a few minutes I came across an ad for an online game. The ad showed a busty woman in skimpy clothes. It was a medieval role playing game. I have no interest to play it, but the woman made me decide to masturbate. I opened the usual stuff: I grabbed the lotion off the bedside table, and within seconds I found myself working my cock.

So I put my passions out for mom and she presented over, lost her generation and corporate into my arms. Successfully dad switched shifts and ran to work days.

mon After about 3 minutes I was getting pretty into it, and letting out quiet moans when I heard my door creak open. I turned around quickly to see my mm standing in the doorway watching me. She didn't say anything, she just moved towards my bed and soon got in with me. She was laying behind me and I was too scared to speak at this moment. I couldn't even turn around to look at her. Of course that all changed when I felt her hand slide up my leg and begin to grip the base of my balls.

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