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Reappears to Celebrity Cabinet and many Funhouse advantages, initially all have been cast. But even if you fit the spike, you should see that this part is the cinematic sensation of what the Main Moore joyless threads for a living - reversal music. It was cast by the statements Light Mediumcharged for its huge losses, and Switchtowards Lucia Barkin, in which a valid male is headed to bring as a certain.

In he joined forces with Tony Curtis on their first movie together, Mister Cory, starring Curtis as a guy who uses the path of a crooked gambler to escape the Blake edwards porn slums. Edwards enjoyed his first real commercial hit with the second world war comedy Operation Petticoatcleverly uniting Curtis with the actor's hero Cary Grant. This and two successful TV series, Peter Gunn and Mr Luckyled him into the most successful decade of his career. The Bing Crosby vehicle High Time in which Crosby dresses as a woman — an early example of one of Edwards's fixations was followed by the sparkling Breakfast at Tiffany'san adaptation of Truman Capote's novel, starring Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard and Rooney.

It compounded his longterm relationship with Henry Mancini, whose score and theme song, Moon River, both won Oscars. UntilEdwards had mainly worked on comedies and musicals, so he seemed an unlikely choice to direct Days of Wine and Roses, in which Lee Remick and Lemmon played a married couple whose descent into alcoholism is depicted in harrowing detail. Often recalled as his best feature, it contains performances of great intensity and probes darker corners than any of his other films.

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pornn As the writer, producer and director of such hits, he could subsequently do as he wanted. This sprawling homage to silent cinema was dedicated to Laurel and Hardy. Although popular, it was not the box-office success its cost demanded. InEdwards revived the private eye character from his earlier TV series and directed the feature film Gunna quirky thriller in which Craig Stevens reprised his role. The clever but protracted comedy The Party revealed Edwards's disillusionment with the movie world, and starred Sellers as a famous Indian actor who, when invited to a swish Hollywood soiree, totally wrecks it. Apart from Edwards's marriage after a divorce from the actor Patricia Walker to Andrews inthe decade had ended less auspiciously than it began.

This placing lee introduced him to Begin Lemmon, one of many people to bungalow regularly in Vests's later chapters. It was the first of his targets to exercise studio interference. Singular guys over 40 do, except Artie Maltin, because it's a lasting film about go to device age, and thus has a strong defined target audience.

Time has been kinder to it than contemporary critics and audiences. It was the first of his films to suffer studio edwrads. When both his western Wild Rovers and a thriller, The Carey Treatmentwere also re-edited, eswards and Andrews set up home in Switzerland and began to work in England. The first was highly successful, but the last suffered from Sellers's increasingly mannered performance. Nevertheless, the director's rehabilitation seemed complete enough for the US to welcome him back, and he made the riotously successful 10with Dudley Moore as a randy, middle-aged composer who grades ponr girlfriends numerically.

Andrews co-starred, but it was Bo Derek who took ddwards attention and the project was his greatest non-Panther hit. It allowed him extraordinary licence resulting in S. Edwards surrounded himself with other regular collaborators, headed by Blake edwards porn, who famously appeared topless, bringing an end to her wholesome Mary Poppins image. It was also a virulent and comic attack on the idiocies of showbusiness and a complex referral to both Edwards's past work and Hollywood itself. The film challenged the audience's notions of sexuality, not least through the hero James Garnerwho finds himself attracted to the supposedly male singer.

It was an archetypal Edwards film with a glittering, stylish surface and a dark undertone. Trail of the Pink Panther and Curse of the Pink Panther enjoyed less acclaim, especially the former, which dredged up material from earlier films, after the death of Sellers inand constructed a movie around them. The next morning, Moore is driving home when he spots Bo Derek in the car next to him on her way to her wedding. He immediately becomes obsessed with her youth and beauty, and follows her to the church. On his way there he encounters the usual Dudley-style embarrassments. He hits a Beverly Hills police car, finds that his license has expired, and that he has no proof of registration.

He eventually gets to the church just in time for more Dudley-style pratfalls. While spying on the ceremony, a bee crawls out of a bouquet and stings him on the nose. After ascertaining that Derek is the daughter of a dentist, he makes an appointment for a check-up. He does eventually learn where Bo and her husband are spending their honeymoon, but not before he is forced to endure more Dudley-style humiliation in the form of six major fillings. Soon, however, he is off to Mexico to chase the perfect "10" and get his head together. He tries a fling with Dee Wallace Stone, who shows buns and possibly one breast, but he can't rise to the occasion.

Then, his dream comes true when he rescues Bo's husband Blske the surf, and ends up in her bed. Needless to say, she is not what he was imagining. This is the sort of light comedy with lots of breasts that I wish they still made. Bo's appearance is reason enough for men to see the film, but there are plenty of funny moments. Even Bo, who is the weakest performer in the film, got off some great lines. At one point Moore is on top and plugging away, and she says, "It's stuck. Bo Derek looks incredible, and has lots of breast and bun exposure.

Unfortunately, a lot of the prolonged sex scene, where they ball to Ravel's Bolero, is too dark to see.

Julie Andrews has a great poke-through There is much nudity from the party guests. The story of the party guests has proven to be perhaps more interesting than the film itself. Director Blake Edwards hired porn superstars for the orgy scenes pon that they would be comfortable with the nudity. They were all put up in a hotel suite, and the party was so wild that their room service was cut off. At one point, Edwards directed one of the male stars to get up, meaning to get out of the chair he was in. The star misunderstood what was supposed to be up, and started spanking his monkey on set. When Dudley Moore related this story during a Playboy interview, his girlfriend, who was off camera, nearly stopped the interview she laughed so hard.

Thanks to Celebrity Sleuth and many Funhouse members, nearly all have been identified.

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