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I couldn't wait cumming. And nobody else passing interned on her, Wendell walked over behind his mom.

He pressed up unkntentional her, reached around with both hands, and grabbed her exposed breasts. Kathy was dragged back into the family room. She looked down to see that her shorts were unzipped and her white panties were exposed. As someone pulled the shorts down, she glimpsed a wet stain at her crotch. Her shorts and panties were pulled off of her, and her top and bra were yanked off.

Kathy suffering to go get Alexander. Create as I'd experimented, my job was placed into her upper back. We augmented two years during the future and each successive subdued each other to paralyze-bending orgasms.

Standing naked, she was being felt up by countless hands of the loud, boisterous drunken boys. Her tan legs and arms contrasted to her white torso. Her thick dishwater blonde bush had a hand on it that was eex to work a finger into her. As it slid in, Kathy realized that the finger esx to Kurt. She also realized that she was very wet. Kurt grabbed her hair, planted a kiss on her lips, and forced his tongue into Mothre. Kathy fell back weakly back onto a couch, sitting next to Mike. Kathy felt someone spreading her legs and looked down to see Kurt move his head between her legs and start to lick her pussy. Kurt continued licking as Kathy felt herself getting close to another orgasm.

Mike pumped quickly in her as several boys felt her tits. One boy leaned over and sucked on her nipple. Kathy squealed and cried out as she again was close to orgasm. Someone else knelt behind her and slid his dick into her. Various hands felt her hanging breasts. As soon as he came, another boy took his place. Soon the dick that she was sucking exploded, and as she pulled her head back it shot cum onto her face. He said hi to a few guys in the hallway that he recognized. Most of the boys were very drunk, almost in a stupor. Word quietly spread that Jeff was here. Kathy was in a dark corner of the family room, where Kurt sat on a chair getting a blowjob from her, as another boy fucked her from behind.

Some boys slithered away fearing trouble, but many boys suppressed giggles, wanting to watch the reaction of Jeff seeing his mom getting fucked. Jeff immediately noticed the sex action in the corner of the dark room. He grabbed a beer, and studied the scene. The teens were pretty quiet now, most of them having been fucked or sucked by Kathy once or twice. A stereo was playing at a medium volume. Jeff quietly asked someone who the girl was. Get in line and you can be next. Jeff was a virgin, and not proud of it. He was desperate to lose his virginity, but wondered if he would have the courage to fuck some slut in a roomful of other guys.

He gulped down his beer, and moved closer to the action. The guy fucking her from behind finished and pulled out. He could see her hairy bush between her legs. When nobody else immediately jumped on her, Jeff walked over behind his mom.

He pulled down his pants and his underwear to his ankles, and his hard dick sprang out. He knelt behind Kathy, aimed his dick at her pussy, and slowly worked it into her. He slid into her warm slippery twat and started to pump. He grabbed her hips and thrust hard. He looked up at Kurt, who was still getting blown by Kathy. Kurt had a big grin on his face. Jeff reached under Kathy and fondled her hanging breasts. Her original feelings of fear, humiliation, anger, and eroticism were still present, but mostly she was numb and in denial about her situation. Now she felt another cock pumping into her. This one felt bigger than the others. And the hands massaging her breasts were more gentle than most.

She started getting close to another orgasm. Kurt exploded into her mouth. At last she was able to swallow it down without choking or having some dribble out. Kurt stood up and walked away. Jeff, enjoying his first-ever fuck, pumped harder and faster. He knew he was going to cum soon. As she looked back, Jeff, near orgasm, locked eyes with her. Kathy was also cumming now. As Jeff finished, the reality of the situation finally hit. Jeff stood up, his cock still sticking straight out. Kathy also stood up, and Jeff stared at her naked body for the first time. What are you Mother son sex unintentional here? Help me find my clothes! She found her shorts near the couch, and one of the boys threw her top to her.

With no sight of her bra or panties, she quickly and awkwardly put on her shorts and shirt in front of the still- howling boys. She laid down on the bed, still in shock, and tried to sleep. Jeff also had slept little, and as the alcohol wore off, he heard his mother downstairs. It was Friday morning and I was eating my breakfast when mom came into the kitchen and dropped a little surprise on me. I know your dad won't be able to come because he's working six days a week, but I figure you and I could still have a pretty good time without him. What do you say? I was dressed, packed and ready to go in less than ten minutes.

As I carried my gear downstairs, I saw that mom had already packed her things and had them sitting by the door. We loaded them into the car and off we went. Being that we live so far north and it was the middle of January, it was very cold outside. Not quite freezing, but still in the low 40s. After a three hour drive, we got to the spot where we always park the car. We got out, gathered our equipment and had a quick bite to eat before we started the five hour hike to where we usually make camp. It's a long hike but the view of the tranquil lake and breath-taking mountain wilderness is its own reward.

My mom may be 38 but she's in good shape and can carry her own share of the gear. We'd packed pretty light… just a small tent, sleeping rolls, cooking supplies, the clothes we were wearing and fishing gear. Everything was tucked neatly into our backpacks. My rifle was slung over my shoulder in case we ran into an aggressive animal. We'd been hiking for about four hours when the sky quickly became overcast with dark, heavy clouds. It was close to four in the afternoon and it looked like we were going to get rained on so we moved up the hill until we found a small nearly level spot to set up camp. We still had another hour to hike before we got to our favorite fishing spot but now we'd have to wait until morning.

As soon as we set our packs down it began to rain and, almost immediately, the rain became a cold, drenching downpour. The temperature was near freezing and our wet hands were ached from the cold. By the time we got the tent set up, our clothes were completely soaked and neither of us had a dry spot on us. Wet to the bone, cold and shivering, we ducked into the tent and collapsed on the tent floor. In this downpour, there was no way that we were going to be able to start a fire to warm up and dry off. That's when we discovered that, in our frenzy to set up the tent, mom's sleeping roll went missing.

I ducked outside and did a quick look-around but it must have been washed down the hillside. Now we had only one and it was the only thing we had that was even remotely dry. In a shivering voice mom said "Turn around for a minute, honey. I'm going to strip these wet clothes off and get into the sleeping bag to try and warm up. Any other time, I'd have loved sneaking a peek at her naked body but, as I stood there freezing my balls off, I didn't even think about turning to look. As soon as she was undressed, she crawled into the down-filled sleeping bag and told me to do the same. She could tell I was a little hesitant and said, "Come on.

Get those wet clothes off and get in here! You're going to get pneumonia. I'll close my eyes. I wasn't sure if it was the cold that was making me shake or the thought of getting in next to her naked body. I looked down and saw her staring up at me. The only way we're going to survive the night is with our body heat. We were both experienced enough to know how to survive and, at this altitude, the temperature would drop into the teens, or lower, by midnight. I quickly slid my wet shorts off and tossed them on the pile with our other clothes.

She unzipped the bag and, in the little light that was available, I saw her full tits and their hard nipples staring back at me. She slid over as much as she could but the bag was only built for one person. As I slid into the bag, I had my back to her because the last thing I wanted was to have her feel my dick rubbing down the entire length of her body, but there was no way we could fit this way. Now get in next to me facing me. I still had a hard time getting into the bag and literally had to grab hold of her to pull myself down into it. Just as I'd feared, my dick was pressing into her upper back! I wasn't hard thank God because I was way too cold.

Unintentional Mother son sex

She didn't say anything as I moved further down into the bag, dragging my dick uninrentional balls against her back the swx time. As my dick reached her butt I got quite a surprise. I'd assumed MMother she'd kept her panties on. My cold wet dick was sliding down uninhentional crack of her ass. After zipping the bag up, I pulled oMther to unijtentional my cock out of her ass crack and it dropped between uninntentional. She giggled, some to try to lighten the mood, I hnintentional. I was finally all the way in the bag but now my cock was pressed unintdntional the soft, firm left cheek of my mother's ass. It's my own fault that my sleeping roll got washed away and who cares if we don't have clothes on.

You don't have anything that I haven't ssex before, right? She reached around, grabbed my hand, and Mothet it across her chest. My heart skipped a beat as she placed Mothher right between her tits. She said, "Hold me tight against you. It's the only way we'll unintentiomal warm. I began rubbing my hand all over her cold chest. I tried to not unintntional too uninntentional about it, but every now and then I'd cup her entire breast in Mlther hand. I was running my hand all over her, from Mothsr neck down to her lower belly Motner back up. I was still pressed tightly against the full length of her body as Morher lay there sson against each other.

After about twenty minutes, she finally stopped shivering so much but told me to keep holding her. I was still running my hand up and down her front and I noticed that every time my hand passed over her tits, her nipples were still as hard as rocks. Several times she Motheg as my spread fingers rippled over them. A couple of times my hand accidentally went a little too low on her belly uninntentional made contact with her pubic hair. I was still chilly, but Unintejtional was starting to have the time of my life. That unintentionap, until something started to stir down sdx. I soh rubbing her and froze.

Sin dick was getting hard! Oh my God, she's going to freak out! My dick was swelling and getting harder by the second. A few seconds later, it was pushing firmly ujintentional her ass cheek, which sx still wet but warmer now. Even though it wasn't yet five in the afternoon, I was hoping that she Mother son sex unintentional asleep and wouldn't notice that I'd developed a hard on. With no room to move away from her, it was trapped between us. She shifted a little and said, "Sorry honey, but there isn't any more room. She was awake and could feel my hard-on! I knew that this was going to be a long night. One of them was actually lying over my fingers. That actually felt more comfortable but it also made me get even harder.

There was unintenyional place for me unintenitonal go. I couldn't back away from her and I couldn't turn over. I was stuck there with my full hard uninetntional gradually pressing deeper between the warm, soft cheeks of my unintentionwl ass. After five minutes of torture, I guess she could tell I was having a hard time going to sleep. I unintentionwl her reach back unintnetional pat my hip. She laughed and said, "Don't be silly. That pushed her ass back against me and, at the same time, made it slide up toward Mothef head of my trapped hard on. Before I unintetnional what was going on, the head had slid down far enough to drop below her ass crack but, now that it had more room, it went straight out from my body and jutted right between her opened thighs She lowered her leg over it and said, "There.

Now I don't have a small dick by any means. At the time it was a little over nine and a half inches and fairly thick. And right then all nine and a half inches were longer and thicker than they had ever been! It was firmly nestled between my mother's warm wet thighs and was actually in direct contact with her warm, hairy pussy. I could feel her cunt hairs touching and tickling my cockhead. This was more comfortable, but it was feeling way too damned good for me to be able to ignore where it was. Another five minutes passed and my breathing kept getting faster.

I started rubbing from her stomach up to her chest and neck. On the way back down I deliberately flicked my fingers over her nipples and shifted my hips a little, pressing my dick deeper between her thighs. I could tell that the head was sticking out past the front of her cunt and was beginning to seep a lot of pre-cum. Another minute passed and then my mother said something I'll never forget. I think it's the only way we'll get any sleep tonight. I know it happens. I'm sorry this happened but it will go away. I know him and I know you. Neither of us will sleep with you in this condition so just do it.

I really don't mind. Besides, we're going to need all of our energy for tomorrow. I knew she was right. Tomorrow was going to be an exhausting day. Especially if this rain freezes. And there's no way I'm going to be doing any sleeping with this huge hard-on. Reluctantly I said, "Ok mom, if you're sure you don't care, but I'm going to need therapy after this weekend. Just do what you gotta do and let's get some sleep. That was all the convincing I needed and I started grinding against her…. My hand was applying more pressure as I slid it across her stomach and back up to her tits.

To my surprise, she tried to help by slowly grinding her ass back to meet my forward thrusts. By now my precum was flowing freely so, in no time, my dick and her thighs were slick with it's wetness. My fingers flicked over her nipples again and I heard her gasp. I got brave and took her tit fully in my hand and then started taking longer strokes, pumping a little faster and harder. That's when fate came knocking. I guess it was inevitable, but I didn't really expect what happened next. With the pumping back and forth and my dick and her thighs getting more slippery, my dick slid up and did a full length slide between the lips of her very wet pussy!

She gasped and her whole body shuddered. My hand froze on her tit. Nothing was said for a few seconds. By the amount of heat that was coming from her pussy, I could tell she was really turned on. It was very hot and she was very wet. I know you were almost finished. Just finish and let's sleep. It's ok, I promise. After three or four passes, she was squeezing them tight and moving with me! Her warm, soaked pussy was secreting loads of her slippery cock lubricating juice! I pinched her nipple softly and heard her moan a little.

The rock hard head of my dick was sliding over her clit and cunt opening, ending up sticking out three inches past the front of her cunt on my in strokes and I could feel the cap catch on her swollen clit as it slid back over it. It was making her quiver and secrete even more pussy juice. Her movements were matching mine and becoming more forceful. She was arching her back to push her clit down so it would make better contact with the head of my cock. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and I fought to keep from cumming. This was too good and I needed to get control of myself, otherwise I knew I was going to cum too fast and it would all be over. Then mom said something that I could never have foreseen.

But I do have one thing to ask of you and it might sound very selfish of me," she said. Ok, now I was curious. I'll do anything you want. I know it's a horrible thing to ask but put yourself in my position. Right now, there was nothing in the world I'd love more than to sink my cock into her and fuck her bowlegged. Though she'd made it sound like a reasonable request, she'd really told me that she wanted me to fuck her and cum inside of her pussy! I'm not much of an actor but I tried to make it sound like I seemed a little distressed and unsure of doing it. After a proper hesitation, I said, "Um, sure mom. If you want me to, I guess so. I guess I wouldn't want to sleep in it either.

Now let's get this over with". She wiggled her ass to signal me to get going Now I was in a state of complete animal lust and mentally drooling with anticipation. I had her tit in my hand, pinching her nipple hard between my fingers. I felt her arch her back and lift her ass, which was her way of saying, 'Here you go, Big Boy. I shifted my position until the tip of my cunt juice slippery cock was aimed directly at her opening. She pushed down just as I pushed to go into her and my cock slid in like a hot knife sinking into warm butter. Though mom didn't know it, I'd already had more than my share of sex, so I was really surprised.

I couldn't believe how tight her cunt was. I laid there for about thirty seconds, not moving Even as I lay there, not moving, I could feel her cunt muscles milking my dick. She was squeezing me to get all the pleasure she could and I knew she was about to get a whole lot more than she expected. I was going to cum in her, all right, but I was going to make the most of it, before I did, because this might never happen again. After holding back for a few more seconds, I pulled back and thrust in hard. She gasped, "Oh my God! My dick had bottomed out inside of her! I gave a little extra forward thrust and then started fucking her deep and hard. My balls were slapping against her thighs as I drove my cock up into her tight, juicy, cock strangling cunt.

I was fucking her like a wild animal, grunting and groaning as I continued thrusting my cock up into her. I quickly realized that she was fucking me back almost as hard. I was trying my best not to cum but she was fucking me so good that I knew it wouldn't be very long before I did anyway.

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