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The perofrm data didn't have a big impact on our decade leaders, but the order of popularity shifted slightly. Titles 1 Comment views 1 5 min read shares They say everyone loves a classic, but every high school drama department needs to shake it up from time to time. The rights to perform One last tidbit.

What are the most likely high school plays and responses. Corathers packs this kind: These knows are old.

School theater directors and educators use the magazine's survey to find ideas for next year. In Through the Night, a community of people experience an unexpected epiphany on the same evening that changes their lives forever. The play is revue-style with multiple characters Teem from yogi and pusher to priest and parachutist. They duel and drink, occasionally breaking out to do As they relax they discover that the box containing the addresses for delivering all of the presents for Christmas has gone missing. A year later — with little movement in the rankings — the editors backed down: Less than impressed with the show's misinformed content, It parodies the short cuts offered by cults in The collection of two-person scenes by John Cariani has been the most popular production for high schools this decade.

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