The hour long orgasm

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Imagine that arousal levels happen on a scale ofwhere 0 is no arousal and 10 is orgasm. First, do Kegel exercises. Your second homework assignment is to train yourself to be able to reliably have an orgasm within 20 minutes of manual stimulation.

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More of them, more often, held for longer orggasm longer periods of time. In order to gain this kind of control, you have two homework assignments: Up to 7, down to 3. At first, it might be just a second or two, but your can build up to quite a long tension. Go up to 6, then back down to 2. Rather than letting it explode out of you in a standard orgasm, your job is to steadily release sexual tension even as you continue to add it. Up to 9, down to 5.

Orgasm is the explosive release of sexual tension, often typified by the rhythmic contraction of the pelvic floor muscle. Your body is filled with sexual tension. Too little and you slide away from orgasm. Again, the primary skill this requires is monitoring the muscle tension in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Hour long orgasm The

This is where you squeeze the sphincters of your pubococcygeal muscle — the gour that you squeeze when you stop yourself from peeing. For most people, just jogging a few hur a week will bring you all the fitness and health you need. Strengthening the PC muscles will increase the intensity of the orgasmic experience and give you more control over your arousal level. For most people, regular orgasms are plenty to keep them satisfied, and occasional excursions into the world of multiple or larger orgasm is an exciting but rare adventure.

There are all kinds of regimens about how often and how long to do these, but the basic rule is: This gives you ling control over your arousal level, knowing that even with the normal wear and tear of daily life on your mood, stress level, relationship stability, and all the rest of it, your body will cooperate effectively. Up to 8, down to 4. Too much, and you tip over the edge.

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