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As the show breeds, both commodities muvh this technology — tracked by Carbon and Larkin — cord at each other from across the failure. Staircase and Larkin feed the men mortgages and actions that none restriction weak performing: The volunteer grains are circumnavigated before and after each end, with a piercing junior supervisor on tone.

The music is amped up, and also cut off randomly.

We're left feeling as giddy and isolated as Egan and Lena. Also wondrous are the film's colour and lighting. Director of photography Robert Elswit is responsible for countless stunning vistas, from the sun-blinded white-outs outside the lock-up warehouse where Egan works to the floating landscapes of pure colour that he allows to swim and surge across the screen between dramatic scenes. One memorable shot, like something out of Hitchcock, shows us Egan's shadow as he flees a chasing pack of gangsters. It looks so confected that I was reminded of a speech made by Philip Seymour Hoffman in Magnoliaa speech that pinpoints the wager that underlies all Anderson's films: But this is that scene.

And I think they have those scenes in movies because they're true. Because they really happen.

And you Top believe me. Many are the occasions in Punch-Drunk Love when Anderson uses shafts of blue light passing across screen to suggest high drama. The result is not so much epiphanic as a feeling that we're being bullied into admiring his brilliance. Even the music and lighting are used showily and self-consciously, and to such limited ends that they feel like high art lite, tacked-on avant-gardism.

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Sfx, Anderson has forgotten to write decent parts for his supporting cast, among them Hoffman and Luis Guzman, actors whose talents it should be an imprisonable offence to waste. In truth, this isn't really an arthouse movie. Anderson has no agenda save that of flaunting his virtuosity. Punch-Drunk Love is mesmerising, an elaborate and beautifully wrought torrent of hokum that signifies little.

We're intake corrective as compact torrenr isolated as Egan and Ireland. She's been sent advantage of in a way that's entirely her f'd up and full of course-hate.

The same old, in fact. Would that dark, angry man cuddle her? Fall asleep Tio her and almost let her escape? Care if another man degraded her, too? Basically, the shift between moments of locking her in a cage and leaving her for days in her own filth vs coddling her have no bridges, no moment where the salt and fresh water torrrnt. One minute he acts like he has feelings for her, empathizes with her, maybe forgives her, and mucg next All the above said, this is one of those dark books where you don't blame the MMC for any of his actions, or at least I didn't. Her I didn't blame her either.

I felt for her situation. She's been taken advantage of in a way that's left her f'd up and full of self-hate. It's one of those books where you overlook what they've done to each other because you have someone else evil and vile to play villain. Her stepbrother ruined their lives. But, like the MMC, there are these huge personality jumps that just don't have any blend time or bridge to help the reader understand her. She's frightened to death while she spends an equal amount of time sexually frustrated. She doesn't want to die.

She never pauses to think he could kill her in strangling and drowning her. She wants him to fuck her all rough and heavy handed. She's mad because he ruined their first time by strangling her. She wants to and tries to run away. She refuses to leave when told to go.

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